Note: dates given are Mondays; "Real Green" airs the following weekend in most areas.

Week of August 06, 2018, Episode R-1023

• Residents improve a local waterway.

• Building green homes in Santa Barbara, California.

• Water saving device.

• Green tip: Recycling water filters.

Week of August 13, 2018, Episode R-1024

• A family gets an energy evaluation for their home.

• Producing bio-mass fuel in India.

• Managing storm water.

• Green tip: Recycling paper towel plastic wrappers.

Week of August 20, 2018, Episode R-1025

• Coral reef restoration in Bora Bora.

• Introducing fuel-efficient stoves in the Congo.

• Teaching eco-friendly practices in an English school.

• Green tip: Recycling light bulbs.

Week of August 27, 2018, Episode R-1026

• A family gets an energy makeover for their home.

• Eco-friendly pavers.

• Sustainable fishing practices in Bali.

• Green tip: Recycling water bottles.



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