Note: dates given are Mondays; "Real Green" airs the following weekend in most areas.

Week of May 01, 2017, Episode R-1035

• Visiting the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex, showing that green efforts make good business sense.

• Cycling in Belgium helps a city’s transportation plans.

• Solar power at a California university.

• Green tip: Recycling dry-cleaning bags.

Week of May 08, 2017, Episode R-1002

• Solar power in Africa.

• Home energy audit.

• Salvaging old wood.

• Green tip: Recycling Styrofoam.

Week of May 15, 2017, Episode R-1003

• Transforming old Pennsylvania.

• An energy consulting firm in India.

• An alternative vehicle fuel.

• Green tip: Recycling shredded paper.

Week of May 22, 2017, Episode R-1004

• Bicycles help sustainability.

• Recycling tires.

• Hybrid lights.

• Green tip: Recycling plastic bags.

Week of May 29, 2017, Episode R-1005

• Visiting the Solar Institute Living Center.

• Turning onions into fuel.

• Green tip: Recycling milk cartons.



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