Note: dates given are Mondays; "Real Green" airs the following weekend in most areas.

Week of January 05, 2015, Episode R-150

• A California family uses an energy audit to save money on their utility bills.

• A preservation group in Wales reduces the carbon footprint on its historical properties.

• A company turns food stocks into alternative fuel.

Week of January 12, 2015, Episode R-155

• In Southern California, the Chumash Indian Tribe goes green.

• Low-cost solar power systems for Africa.

• Showcasing a new hybrid light.

Week of January 19, 2015, Episode R-146

• A Pennsylvania homeowner redesigns her front yard using native plants.

• Creating a sustainable fishing industry in India.

• Bringing renewable energy to an Afghan village.

Week of January 26, 2015, Episode R-147

• University students in Massachusetts complete a multi-year permaculture project.

• Showcasing the latest developments in green living.


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